" A n a c o n d a  T a r g e t s "


2004, digi beta, 12 min, black and white, sound

Directed,  Filmed  and  Edited by Dominic Angerame.


"We don't have time to get scared, everything happens in a few seconds.

"The sight lights up just in front of the windshield, everything is ready for the computer to do its work.

"It's the computer that has the last word." -Paul Virillio

About 2,000 troops from the US led military coalition were engaged in close in combat on March 4, 2002 with small pockets of suspected al Qaeda and Taliban fighters in the rugged terrain of northeastern Afghanistan as part of an operation called Operation Acaconda.... The footage in the piece is filmed and audio taped from a US gunship helicopter that was part of this mission.

"Anaconda Targets , a documentation tape of aerial bombings by the American military in Afghanistan, depicts the devastating effect of smart bombs. Not often featured in media reports, the soldiers' voices form the soundtrack that accompanies these chilling images. The document has been appropriated by filmmaker Dominic Angerame as a critique of his government's military aggression." - Susan Oxtoby

Review by David Finkelstein



Big Muddy Film Festival, First Prize, 2005

Black Maria Film Festival, Director's Choice Award, 2005