In the Course of
Human Events

1997, 23 min, black and white, sound
Filmed, Directed and Edited by Dominic Angerame;
Sound by Kevin Barnard, Ray Guillet, and Kyle Newhall;
Sound Design By Amy Leigh Hunter.

"A primitive, yet seductive 'tableau' of twisted metal where bulldozers are prehistoric monsters that tear bits of metal and stone from the vulnerable concrete. Angerame films in a spectacle of extremely precise shots that surgically unveil our obsession with destruction and technological decline.

An exquisite black and white surrealist depiction of the Embarcadero Freeway demolition, in which dinosaurlike tractors gnash at an organic tangle of steel reinforcements…Inanimate objects and heavy machinery become living metaphors for generation through the director’s signature use of high-contrast, time-lapse, and double exposure cinematography.

.. a film that combines shorts of the tearing down of the Embarcadero Freeway in San Francisco with industrial music—a proposal of an ambivalent interpretation of human break up and break down."—Andreas Denk, "Kunstforum", July-September 1998.

" Like a moving gallery installation, the 23 minute piece is composed of individual shots so precise and emotionally evocative that each could stand on its own as testimony to Angerame’s astounding talent."—Silke Tudor, SF Weekly


Ann Arbor Film Festival, Honorable Mention, 1999

New York Film/Video Exhibition, Kodak Prize Award, "Best Cinematography", Dec 1998

Director’s Choice Award, Black Maria Film Festival, May 1998

Athens International Film Festival, Best of the Experimental Category, May 1998


Available for sale on videotape.


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