" P i x i e s c o p e"

2003, 16 mm, 3 min, black and white/color, sound
Directed,  Filmed  and  Edited by Dominic Angerame.

Music by Molto Vox, Kevin Barnard on guitars and processing and Barbara Jaspersen on vocals.

A film that seems to be partially created by the magic that only pixies can create. I went out shooting with my Bolex with the intention of shooting a series of very short one second movies. When the film was returned to me by the lab I discovered that superimposes over the images I had shot were images that I did not shoot. There appeared superimposed images of various women flexing their muscles and posing for some unknown camera person besides myself. This film is a result and a sort of homage to pixies wherever they may be.



Available for sale on videotape