" Sambhoga-Kaya "

1982, 6 minutes, 16mm, black and white, silent
Directed, Filmed and Edited by Dominic Angerame

Sambhoga-Kaya (longs.spyod.rdzogs sku, Tibetan) means enjoying the wealth of the Five Certainties.

"Sambhoga-Kaya describes a body that enjoys the wealth of purified visions. Herein dwells the enlightened one while embodied in superhuman form. This is the first reflex on the heavenly planes and represents phenomenal appearances. It is the essence of the mind, the celestial state and the divine body of perfect endowment. The 'mind being' as the uncreated and of the voidness, vacuous, ready to reach the point of Dharma-Kaya, which is the primordial essence." --Evans-Wentz, Tibetan Book of Liberation

Although purists in the study of Tibetan Buddhism and its teachings might think my use of the term Sambhoga-Kaya to be sacrilegious as a title for this piece, I feel that it is the only way in which to express the effect of the work. The path takes many forms and manifests separately with each, and this is my awareness of such a state as Sambhoga-Kaya.




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