" The Soul of Things"

Dominic Angerame | 2010 | 15 minutes | B&W |SILENT
Rental Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps
Sale Format(s): 16mm film, 24 fps / DVD

"Nothing is apparent to ordinary vision until it is painted upon the window of the soul"
--William Denton 1866

William Denton is one of the early pioneers exploring the art and science of psychometry. Psychometrics believes that every object emits a field of energy. That energy can transit its entire history through touch. That is every brick contains the history of what happened inside its walls and outside its walls and at the same time its own history of creation. If one is sensitive enough this energy field of historical information can be transferred and one can obtain a complete knowledge of its history. In my case the touching is filming. In our urban landscape we are continually destroying our past through destruction of buildings and replacing them with artificial man made materials. Hence removing us from our very history. William Denton performed many successful experiments in the field of psychometry documented in one of his books called The Soul of Things.

"...thank you so much for sending "The Soul of Things," with your beautifully evocative imagery. The dynamic compositions are at times remindful of early Eisenstein . . . or the rhythms suggestive of a latter day "Man with A Movie Camera" perhaps . . . but your particular and subtle presentation of threatening machinery and sense of loss also evolves into shifting layers of light that seem to present, then, an interlocking presence of the transitory and the perennial. It's very moving, and increasingly so with repeated viewings."--Marilyn Brakhage


Athens International Film Festival, 2011
Hong Kong Film Festival, 2011
Cinema By the Bay, San Francisco Film Society, 2010
Viennale Film Festival, Austria, 2010
New York Film Festival, Views from The Avant Garde, 2010
Toronto Internation Film Festival, Wavelength Series, 2010
Onion City Film Festival, Chicago, 2010
Exis Film Festival, Seoul Korea 2010
San Francisco International Film Festival, 2010
Boston Underground Film Festival, 2011


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